transgender in the military

G&STC stands against Trump's call to ban transgender individuals from the military

G&STC stands firmly against Trump's call to ban transgender individuals from the military. 

We believe the language of the ban, such as the use of the word "burden," further dehumanizes and marginalizes transgender individuals. Ensuring the safety and protection of individuals and then withdrawing said protection is particularly harmful. Having the space to be your authentic self is crucial for all, and should not be a privilege for cisgender individuals. Discrimination has a negative impact on the mental health of those marginalized and targeted.

Transgender and gender diverse individuals and communities are disproportionately marginalized when it comes to housing, education, and employment, and the military offers those resources for many marginalized communities. Banning transgender individuals from access to these resources works to further marginalize an already marginalized community.

The military should be working to reduce bigotry and violence within, not increase it.

Many organizations have released statements disagreeing and standing against Trump's call to ban, including organizations like the APA.

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