How to Know if You're Eligible for our Sliding Scale Appointments

We receive daily inquiries regarding our sliding scale, if we have openings and who is eligible.

Here is some information about G&STC’s sliding scale:

  1. All of our therapists have sliding scale appointments

  2. 25% of therapist’s caseloads are sliding scale appointments

  3. Sliding scale appointments fill up quickly

  4. Sliding scale appointments often remain full, as we primarily provide long term treatment

  5. Our sliding scale is a scale, so if you can afford in the middle the scale, please do

  6. If your financial situation changes while in treatment, we ask that you notify us we can collaboratively adjust your rate

  7. The range of the scale is dependent on the therapist

  8. Our sliding scale appointments are offered on an “honors” system, meaning we don’t ask for “proof” and we trust you to be truthful and honest with your assessment regarding what you can pay (please see visuals below regarding how to assess where you may be on a scale)

  9. Although we offer our sliding scale appointments on an honor system, we also have more in depth conversations.

  10. We understand money is complicated and there are differences between what we perceive we can afford vs what we can actually afford. This is why we don’t ask for proof, but still like to have a conversation.

To help think through your assessment of what you can afford and if you’d be eligible for our sliding scale appointments, we’ve attached visual guidances from Damien at Ride Free Fearless Money