G&STC's Director talks with HuffPost Relationships about the word 'Soulmate'

Check out G&STC director, Jesse Kahn, talking with Kelsey Borresen at HuffPost Relationships about the word ‘soulmate!’

”Soulmates are a symbol of the universal hope that someone will love you unconditionally in spite of your flaws and baggage.

“To me, a soulmate is a symbol. It’s a symbol of hope, connection and healing (particularly attachment-based healing) that we as humans desire and crave. It’s a symbol of feeling that — in spite of our histories, pain, dysfunctional relationship patterns — we will ‘click’ with someone and will be able to make it work. The soulmate symbol creates hope and speaks to a desire to be loved, seen, heard, understood and to feel worthy. And even more so, a soulmate is the hope that we will be loved, seen, heard, understood and worthy, despite our flaws.

“While I think hope and symbols are important, I try not to lean into them too hard as they can sometimes take away someone’s sense of agency in their own situation. Our relationships and future relationships may be influenced but are not determined by what we have or have not experienced, and we can have agency in that process.”’