G&STC's Director talks about "de-transitioning" with Refinery29

Check out G&STC director, Jesse Kahn, talking with Refinery 29's Kasandra Brabaw exploring "de-transitioning" and pushing back on a recent article about regret amongst those who de-transition.

"Many people also call this kind of narrative transphobic, because it reinforces the idea that being transgender isn't real. "The idea is that we have to protect cis people from thinking they're mistakenly trans," says Jesse Kahn, LCSW, director of The Gender & Sexuality Therapy Collective. "When in actuality the folks that I work with that have done anything that resembles shifting their desires around transition are still trans." Maybe they decide not to take hormones anymore or realize that they don't actually want gender affirming surgeries, but they still consider themselves somewhere on the transgender spectrum. A person who transitions medically and then later realizes that they are cisgender (not non-binary or gender non-conforming or simply happily trans without hormones) is incredibly rare."

At G&STC, we deeply believe in co-creating a space with our clients to explore what self-actualizing looks like for them and challenging, pushing back and unlearning societal ideals that don't fit for them. 

Ultimately, we believe and focus on pushing back on binary and cisnormative ideals placed on trans and gender non conforming people.

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