First Ever Transgender Surgery Training Program in the United States

While the president recently directed the United States military not to move forward with a plan that would have allowed for the recruitment of transgender personnel and banned the Department of Defense from providing medical treatment for existing transgender members of the armed forces, we are thrilled (and relieved) to be able to share some exciting local news related to transgender services and support. In 2016, the Mount Sinai Health System opened the Center for Transgender Medicine and Surgery. The Center takes a multidisciplinary approach, incorporating primary care, transition care, and behavioral health in an affordable and accessible program. Since its launch, the Center has operated on approximately 350 patients at a rate of nearly four patients per week.

At the same time, medical school curriculum provides little - only about five hours - in the way of education around trans and GNC (gender nonconforming) health and wellness issues. To ameliorate this inequity, the Mount Sinai Health System, under the banner of the Center for Transgender Medicine and Surgery, also created - in July 2017 - two full-year fellowships to train surgeons and psychiatrists to serve the trans and GNC community more sensitively and comprehensively. Over the course of the fellowship, surgical participants assist and perform surgery, teach residents and medical students, and conduct transgender-related research.

It is important to acknowledge that, with respect to the trans and GNC community, medical procedures are not always the primary focus of their experiences. That said, it is exciting to hear about a major medical institution devoting significant resources to better serve this population. This is a development that we here at G&STC wholeheartedly stand behind, and we hope it inspires similar developments at other institutions here in New York City and across the country!

To learn more about the work that G&STC does with the trans and GNC community, check out our recent blog post that outlines ten tips for finding a trans-affirming provider. And get in touch to ask questions, express concerns, and/or schedule a free phone consultation!

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