G&STC's Trans Mental Health Fund


All people need support, and in a world hostile to transgender people, trans people need trans affirming and competent therapeutic spaces to feel seen, heard, supported, validated, believed, respected, affirmed and connected. Trans competent therapists with openings can be difficult to find and trans competent therapists with sliding scales, no fee or low fee availability is rare. Therapy shouldn't be a place to field microaggressions, to experience blatant oppression, and to be misgendered, and someone's finances shouldn't dictate who does and does not have to stay in those situations in order to be in therapy. 

The Trans Mental Health Fund is designed address this issue and uphold our mission by subsidizing therapy. The Fund provides stipends to transgender and gender variant individuals who are low income and unable to financially sustain the cost of mental health treatment.  Recipients will have partial to full coverage of the cost, depending on their need and will have access to work with one of our trans competent and trained therapists at G&STC.

Allocation of the mental health fund will be determined through an application process. Applicants must be low income and gender variant in order to be eligible for a stipend. G&STC will review all applications and award stipends based on client need  - and, of course, if the applicant would like to work with one of our therapists!


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