Healing from Estrangment

Healing from Estrangement is a therapeutic group for people who identify as LGBTQIA+ and want support in being estranged from their families.

Estrangement can mean not being in contact or being in limited contact with all of your family members, some, or one. This group is inclusive of people who are contemplating estrangement or limiting exposure to their families in both permanent and temporary ways.

This group will offer a safe environment to share experiences. Group members will  join in mutual support and healing through sharing their stories and witnessing each other. Together we will develop coping skills for dealing with emotional pain and loss, and strategies for healthy boundary setting, as well as deepen our understanding about familial trauma, rejection, and loss. We will explore the long term impact on sense of self, relationships, and grief. At the core of this group is collectively honoring self determination and agency.

This group is open to all reasons why estrangement occurs, including but not limited to, religion.