Support G&STC's Mental Health Fund

We all need support at some point in our lives, but transgender and gender expansive individuals often find themselves unable to get the mental health care and support they deserve. In particular, access to trusted therapeutic professionals is limited due to a lack of trans affirming, competent providers.

Therapy shouldn't be a place to field microaggressions, experience blatant oppression, or be misgendered, and no one should be forced to tolerate these experiences because they lack the resources to afford trans competent mental health services.

Trans people need and deserve trans affirming and competent therapeutic spaces to feel seen, heard, supported, validated, believed, respected, and connected.


The Gender & Sexuality Therapy Collective was born out of a need for safe, non-judgemental, and empowering therapeutic spaces especially for individuals and communities who often lack access to services, and are met with stigma, discrimination, and microaggressions.


We believe that all people, regardless of income level, deserve quality mental health care services, so we’ve developed the Mental Health Fund to subsidize treatment costs for transgender and gender expansive individuals seeking competent mental health services in New York City.

100% of funds raised go directly towards subsidizing trans competent counseling services and letters of support for gender affirming surgeries!

We need your support today to continue providing free and low fee counseling services to our transgender and gender expansive clients.


Will you make a pledge today to support trans competent mental health care through a monthly contribution to the Gender & Sexuality Therapy Collective’s Mental Health Fund?


Your pledge will immediately be put to work offering non-judgmental, empowering, trans affirming, affordable therapeutic services to our clients.


An annual commitment of $100/month provides an entire year of

affordable, trans competent counseling to one of our transgender clients


For just  $3.34 a day - little more than the price of a fancy coffee at your favorite café or less than a round trip subway ticket - YOU can be an advocate for trans affirming therapeutic services  Because of YOU our clients, who often spend months in search of a trans competent provider, will finally be able to access the affordable mental health services they deserve.

Here’s what your donation could do for our clients:

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We all need support. Join us in advocating for affordable, trans Competent mental health care.