Consultation, Education & Supervision Services

At G&STC, we believe that gender and sexuality consultation and supervision is crucial to providing competent and informed care to LGBTQ+ folks and folks with alt sexualities.

One way we uphold our mission is by working with other providers and organizations to increase competence and expand the amount of safe, non-judgmental, and empowering spaces available to those who are often met with stigma, discrimination and microaggressions.

As consultants, we provide one-on-one and group consultation to clinicians who want to improve their knowledge and competence with regards to working with transgender and gender expansive clients, their families and partners, or who are interested in supervision focusing on issues involving gender and sexuality. The frequency of consultations and supervision is determined by need.

Additionally, we offer consultation focused on increasing the LGBTQ+ community, kinky folks, and non-monogamous inclusivity of the provider’s website and documents.

We offer:

  • workshops

  • presentations

  • training

  • clinical supervision

Our consultation services are available for clinicians, medical providers, corporations, organizations and agencies wanting to increase their LGBTQ+ inclusivity, competence and knowledge.

Some workshops we offer include:

  • introduction to gender and sexuality

  • expanding your understanding of gender diversity

  • understanding cisgender privilege to increase transgender competence

  • providing competent care when working with transgender and gender expansive individuals

Custom workshops can be created to meet the specific needs of your organization.

We provide consultation, editing and guidance in making your workplace, employees and various types of products, documents, manuscripts, websites, articles, and policies trans-competent and inclusive.

*Note: We do not permit video or audio recording of our trainings, workshops, consultation or supervision.

Interested in applying for consultation, education, or supervisory services?


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